WinCC OA and Oracle Redundancy with Oracle Database Appliance (ODA)...


The ODA as Virtual Appliance gives you a self-contained solution which you can put in to a customer's environment with minimal configuration. Hardware is preconfigured and almost ready to run - easy setup of Oracle Real Application (RAC) Database.

The ODA can also be used as a Virtualized Platform - which means you get a full High Available / Fault Tolerance Virtualization Platform. Powerful hardware - 512GB RAM, 18TB Disks, SSDs, 48 CPU-Cores, ... Oracle Database Appliance

Put your WinCC OA (Redu) Servers and more on it ... save hardware...

Virtualization can be used for more services
* Webserver, Monitoring-Server,
* Fileserver, Domainserver, …

Cluster-HA(High-Availbility)-Technology can be used
* eg. virtual IPs for single entry points e.g. WinCC OA HTTP-Server 


High availability 
Best performance

Reduced complexity  - Hardware & Infrastructure
Reduced costs - Installation & Maintenance 
Reduced risk  - Complexity & Costs


ODA Facts:

Fully integrated appliance with virtualization
Oracle Real Application Clusters or RAC One Node
Oracle Linux and Oracle VM
Two servers with two 12-core Intel® Xeon® processors E5-2697 v2 per server
Four 10G Base-T Ethernet ports (onboard) per server
Redundant 10GbE interconnect
48 processor cores
512 GB of memory
18 TB SAS raw disk storage (9 TB mirrored)
Four 200 GB solid-state disks
Optional storage expansion with additional storage shelf doubles storage capacity

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2014-09-12 10:27
Andreas Vogler
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