How to access relational databases from WinCC OA Ctrl with CtrlADO and ODBC...

There is a ctrl library delivered with WinCCOA named "rdb.ctl" which offers you a set of
functions to easily access relational databases!

You will find the Library in the installation directory of WinCCOA, for example here:

Create an odbc data source (DSN) "mydb" in your (for example) windows environment and try this example:

#uses "CtrlADO.dll"
#uses "rdb.ctl"
dbConnection db;
dyn_dyn_anytype res;
rdbOpen(db, "DSN=mydb;UID=scott;PWD=tiger");
rdbSelect(db, "SELECT * FROM emp", res); DebugTN(res);
rdbExecute(db, "UPDATE emp SET sal=sal*0.10");
rdbSelect(db, "SELECT * FROM emp", res); DebugTN(res);

But be carefully with rdbSelect. The result is loaded into a dyn_dyn_anytype into the memory. Don't fetch millions of rows...

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Andreas Vogler
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